Super Bowl Champion: Greg Jennings

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The Athos Coach Advantage

Athos unlocks your optimal performance by starting at the source - YOU and YOUR muscles. Our packages below give you everything you need to get started no matter where you’re working out - at home or elsewhere.  Get your gear and we’ll connect you with your coach who will design a program for you to get you on your way to achieving YOUR goals!

Personalized Programming

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Motivation and Accountability

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Data + AI + Human Coach

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Unlike any other system, I feel like my Athos Coach really sees me, keeps me honest and pushing

Liesse Jones

I was bought in from the eval, she [coach] knew exactly the things that were holding me back

Nate Yu

It's like having a real personal trainer in my phone

Adam Bowling

There is no slacking! The system knows! It's like my collage coach...

Nick Knowles

Science Behind Athos

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